G’day and Welcome

G’day I’m Helen..
Australian Watercolour Artist & Graphic Designer, now located in the beautiful Hunter Valley, at Lorn  ..

“there is beauty in everything I see ….so I try to capture the beauty.. and keep the memories “..

Painting a diverse range of subjects, strongly influenced from a love of sailing & the ocean, horses, and birds . Always striving to transform my photos into drawings, then onto paintings, whilst enjoying the Journey along the way. I paint my Watercolours, in a Semi Realist, Impressionistic way & enjoy the challenge of painting new subjects & learning new techniques…. I have many who have purchased my paintings, both local and internationally, and they are always quite eager to see new work & add to their collections, to which I always appreciate their support

Exhibitions I am currently in  ….

THE HUNTER ARTISANS GALLERY & CAFE Melbourne St East Maitland .. Thursday – Sunday 9-3PM 29thApril – 30th May

THE KERNART Prize … Now closed but for Peoples Choice…
23rd -30th April  NOW ONLINE ….  KERNOT VIC https://kernartprize.com/helen-elphinstone—king

Many other exhibitions and Art Prizes for 2021 coming up as well …..

Latest Awards  …Very excited to say of my latest award, I was ANNOUNCED the WINNER of the Watercolour Section of the 2020 Town of Murals Art Prize. I also received a HIGHLY COMMENDED for my Miniature , Winters Day…
My Mum has passed away late last year and she would always attend this exhibition with me each year….I only wished I could’ve shared this achievement with her, but hopefully she was there with me  ..

Find me on Facebook and Instagram and catchup with the latest …look for @helkinartInstafb